The amazing people in my daily life

The fellow humans I see on my day to day life are the most beautiful arts I cherish. How much difference do we have. We do share some commonalities as well. I study in an international town. The cultures are diverse and colourful. Sometimes, I love the rhythms of those languages I have no idea about. People are beautiful creations. Life gives me the taste of surprise when I get to talk to a stranger. You just need to stop judging and let your thoughts flow. That is how feeling wrap around, that is how communication evolves, that is how people turn beautiful.

Have you ever been with someone for a long walk ?! Try it out, as you match the pace of each other, you get intertwined with each other’s auras. Try to laugh or make someone laugh, I bet you would forget anything running in your mind at that moment and you have already started making memories. What if you make memories on a daily basis. Life wouldn’t be beautiful than that.

It could be hard, you may have rejections from people, for not all the people are open-minded at the first go. But when you practice, you master yourself to emit the positive vibes and vibes are important to harvest motivation in you. Complaint less and be more compassionate, your world will be different. 🙂

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