Free Food

How enthusiastic do you become when you come across this word, “food”. Well, I am a typical foodie who love food. One big motivation in my life is food. How come ?! Thanks to my mom. She has been my inspiration to serve food to others. Her impact over me was so much that ” Make others happy with food ” has become my mantra. I have seen people who have come to my home for house-hold and renovation purposes being served by a large quantity of food by my mom. Especially during the Sunday afternoons, she used to serve people before we eat. I used to frown at my mom. “Mom, I am so hungry, get my lunch now”. The divine-she would smile so gracefully at me and say “wait for our guests to finish”. Maybe, I didn’t realise at that moment, but thats okay, I was a kid. But now, I am the happiest man to realise that I owe the society for bringing me up. In return, I can serve food for those who can’t afford it on daily basis.

There has always been sarcastic sayings, “The rich work hard to reduce weight, the poor work hard to get food for merely a single  meal for a day.  Well that is indeed sarcastic and meaningless. But,the truth is, this society is unevenly distributed. If we can spend a penny less to ourselves and save it for someone who is in desperate need, what do we lose ? Absolutely nothing. But offer food to an old dame and watch those emotions that flows through her face. I bet, you will sleep in peace for the night.

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