This single term can sometimes act on contrary to what it means. The time when a busy mind is drained to be busy anymore. Not clear ?! When strong negative thoughts try to fill the mind that tries to be away from such thoughts, and yet it couldn’t, because, as mentioned, its strong relative to the mind itself. Well, lets me give an example. I want to distract myself over something I am depressed, so I find and try all the ways to get out from such bad vibes, yet, I can’t. So its like I am resisting something in order to fill the space with something better and that space that I own at the moment is emptiness.

Have you ever tried to sleep because you were upset and unfortunately ended up without getting sleep for the whole night ?! That is indeed emptiness. You wished to escape from some energy that constantly made you weak. You decided to sleep, but you lost at the end. People simply would say, read books, listen to good music, get out, meet new people, eat good food ! Let me take a bad yet the best explanation for that. Lets say someone gets food poisoned and they vomit whenever they try eating something. A medicine taken as a tablet will have the same result, I have vomited the tablet as well when I had such problems. Likewise are the distractions, you listen to music, it hits you back with something you were trying to get out from. You try to read, something resists and you feel irritated for your inability to continue reading. When nothing works out, you give up to sleep. Well there are two cases that occurs to me. Either I don’t find sleep, or I get dreams of something I want to forget. At least the second one is better for me.

Well, what is my point from this ?! You better not resist. There is a rather better way than getting distracted. Go behind something that hurts you. No I am not mad. It works for me. Get wounded, don’t listen to music, don’t read, if you don’t end up sleeping, don’t worry. You want to cry, then better cry. Cry more and more. Energies always get exhausted, so are the bad vibes. Something that pesters you cannot have the same power unless you feed it. While you are trying to get yourself distracted, you are unknowingly feeding power to something you want to get away from. Someday, everything that looked as big as the highest mountains, diminishes such that you forget it because you start making better memories. So give time to such thoughts and take time to heal for yourself. If you are slow, don’t worry. The slower you are, the better you  ought to recover !!

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